This webmapping application was built and used to monitor staff of outdoor events, such as concerts and shows, on an interactive map. It was designed to be used in a standard browser and tablets.


First, even though the data displayed in this application is live, its content is entirely fictional. Its purpuse is to demonstrate how it works.

There are 2 types of data being displayed : the zones, which are represented as the red and blue squares, and people (staff) by icons. Both are refreshed every 15 seconds within the browser.

The data is stored in a PostGIS database. The locations of the staff is updated every 15 seconds.


Each zone is setup with a specific number of staff by type that must be present within it. If one is missing or doesn't respect the zone settings, the zone turns red. A click on the zone reveals its current status and what is missing.

On the left, a click on the red "!" button shows a list of staff that are not in any zone.

Zones could be edited, added and removed by an admin as he sees fit. The zones here don't represent much, but in a real application they would circle specific areas, would serve more purpose. One could require more or less in any types. The number of types of staff is also customizable. Here, only 4 are used, but there could be more.

Other features

Clicking on a marker displays a popup and remains visible even after new data was fetch, enabling the possibility to track someone.

On the right, there's the full list of staff members displayed in a grid. You can search, sort, recenter on one and display the popup from there. Also, at the buttom, there's the number of staff currently displayed on the map, on and out the site, which is and extent slighly bigger than the zones and the total of them.

Finally, in the toolbar there's a "zoom to site extent" button, shortcuts to zoom on zones and a button to toggle the zone and icon selections for better navigation.

Alexandre Dubé

Mapgears Inc.